the application field of optocouplers

with the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent electronic products designed by human are developing rapidly toward to the trend of being more intelligent, safer, faster in speed and smaller in size. orient has mastered the core infrared chip technology, and the series of optocouplers manufactured with various electronic products have entered thousands of households, providing safeguard for users as a security device. it is the first enterprise with mass production in mainland china to pass vde, ul and cqc certification.

1❤❥、smart meters


reference model  817sc❥❥♡,6n137

data transmission, faster response speed;  safe isolation;

2❥❤♡、power supply, quick charge

电源❤♤ 、快速充电.jpg

 photoelectric isolation

reference model  817❥❤❤❤♤ ,1008/1009

3❤❥♡❥♡、home appliance control panel


scr optocouplers

reference model  3063❤❤,3052

4♤ ❤❤❥♤ 、automotive electronic controller


mini type optocouplers

reference model  3h7